Everything could be easier if you’ll honestly agree that the tendency of self-damage is absurd and you’ll try to stop doing it no matter what.

Even together with your participation in the fight towards girls cut themselves the absurd tendency to injure your very own frame, you’ll not be able to easily eliminate it. Now, consider what occurs when you don’t cooperate and you trust that by means of injuring your own frame you have positive mental alleviation, except scary ache on your very own frame at the equal time…

You should be resistant and combat towards this absurd tendency, as opposed to accepting and defending it, as if it changed into some thing proper for you, even as it’s far apparent that it’s miles killing you.

Obvious for those who study you, but unfortunately not so obvious for you…

Absurd inclinations are very risky. They are generated via the wild side of your judgment of right and wrong, that is violent and evil, because it remains at a primitive stage. It could be very hard to remove an absurd tendency, exactly due to the fact it’s far imposed by way of the anti-judgment of right and wrong, your wild judgment of right and wrong, and it’s miles very robust.

The worst is that you are a youngster, and young adults are very unknown creatures.

I recollect how I was when I become a teen… I desired to spoil the planet and assemble it again inside the “right manner”… Only later I understood that destruction become very bad and that if we might first damage the whole lot, then we might live in a destroyed world, until we might be able to construct once more a progressive global, the manner we would love it to be…

When I became a teenager I believed that the grown u.S.A.Were all wrong and I need to never concentrate to them, because their lives and the arena they built have been a huge failure.

With me things would be definitely different…

However, as soon as I grew up a bit bit and have become an grownup, I surely repeated the same errors of the older generations, until I determined that I was absolutely lost.

Then I started out analyzing dream interpretation according to the medical technique, searching for psychic health.

Thanks to my studies, I noticed the dimensions of my lack of information…

This is my message for you today: remember the fact that you are too ignorant.

You consider many things that aren’t actual and also you conclude many things which might be impossible to grow to be authentic in step with your suppositions, precisely because you don’t know how the world functions, what is in the human mind, what the meanings of lifestyles and dying are and plenty of matters greater.

Therefore, do not despise what different humans tell you, even in case you consider that they may be wrong.

They may be wrong on many points because they may be nonetheless very ignorant too, due to the fact they are simply humans, but they may be older than you, which means that that they recognise what the deceptions and the restrictions of life are, and that is why they display you truths that you can not see or accept, due to the fact you still ignore an excessive amount of.

There are so many boundaries in lifestyles, that freedom is in reality best a fable.

Accept to be helped by means of the ignorant human beings that try and prevent from depression, due to the fact they take care of you and they have some information that you do not have, only due to the fact they may be older than you, besides having studied many topics that you have not studied but.

If you do not consider their remedy, you still can be helped through the unconscious thoughts whose understanding is beyond human lack of know-how.

Accept to be guided via the know-how of the subconscious thoughts that produces your desires and well-knownshows to you the complete fact approximately the content which exists internal you and approximately the world wherein you stay.

You must cooperate with your medical doctor and be resistant when you have the absurd impulse to injure your self in case you want to eliminate the absurd tendency of self-harm, in place of presenting resistance against your psychotherapy.