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Females are leaner and lighter than males and will visually look smaller. They can weigh as little as 35 pounds, though on average, they usually weigh around 45 pounds. If your Aussie is smaller than the set range for females, you may have a miniature Aussie or not a purebred dog. Australian Shepherds (AKA “Aussies”) are a fairly new breed that began as a stock type of dog for herding livestock, which is why their working mentality is so strong. Once the breed became more organized and eventually accepted into the American Kennel Club, the breed formed into what we recognize as the Australian Shepherd today.

Plus, many responsible breeders have a contract where owners must return dogs to them instead of a shelter if they need rehoming. This makes finding purebred Aussies in shelters less likely than other breeds. An alternative to shelters is online rescue organizations or the Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline. You might need to consider hiring a dog walker to ensure they get the exercise they need. The fee ranges depending on your location and your dog’s size and exercise needs. Some walkers offer a one-to-one service, but this comes with an extra cost, and some offer discounts for regular customers.

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If you don’t exercise your dog, these are things that you might be dealing with sooner than you’d like. If left alone without enough exercise, they will get bored, and boredom can lead to destructive behaviors, like chewing and barking. If you manage it properly, your Aussie will shed no more than any other double-coated breed.

The six-month point marks the time when your Aussie will be about half of her adult size—usually pounds and inches tall. This is also when puppies reach their sexual maturity, so it’s important to keep a watchful eye on them to avoid unwanted puppies down the road.

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We don’t recommend using an Anti-Shed shampoo unless it’s also made with natural ingredients. These shampoos can be harsher on your pup’s skin, so a natural formula is usually best.

Neither will work well with the plush, heavy, and thick coat of the Australian Shepherd. If you are exercising your Aussie outdoors, you need to have fresh water available for them to avoid dehydration. Are you searching for the perfect dog house for Australian Shepherds? Knowing what size to buy and what features to look for can feel a little daunting and overwhelming. Do you need a dog house for Labrador Retrievers where your four-legged friend can get away for a little while? Your dog deserves a home where they can be safe, protected from the elements, and can… That is why I made sure to provide several different activities that could work for different situations.

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The tool is specifically designed for use on dogs with double coats, making it ideal for Australian Shepherds. In the unlikely event that you aren’t happy with your purchase, the manufacturer promises a full refund.

Your vet will inform you what vaccinations your Australian shepherd needs and will keep an eye on your dog’s ears, teeth and eyes. Australian shepherds are very active and, without the proper amount of daily exercise, their energy could become difficult to control.

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While some dogs love squeaky toys, others might be frightened by the noise they make and prefer to play fetch. Similarly, some pups prefer carrying around stuffed animals, but others play tug of war with their favorite blanket. We’re all familiar with the Easter Bunny, but don’t forget about your Easter dogs.