You can also thaw meat in a sink filled with cold water. Put the meat in a water-tight bag and fully submerge it in the sink. Change the water every 30 minutes as it starts to warm up. Meat thawed this way needs to be cooked immediately. While you are waiting for your grill to heat up, take your pieces of meat and tenderize it using a tenderizing hammer. For maximum quality, use frozen deli meat within one or two months.

Preparing Meat for Cooking

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Smoke your wet-cured meat in a smoker and serve on a special occasion. So you’ve just made a perfect meat loaf from scratch. Now make sure you’ve got plenty ofmashed potatoesand yourfavorite side dishesto complete the ultimatecomfort food meal. Grill slices for a delicious next-daymeat loaf sandwich. “It’s such an important climate solution. It’s as big as wind-turbines,” says Auken of the dietary shift. “We need it not to be a huge fight with farmers, like in the Netherlands, or between vegans and carnivores. But about getting a more interesting food culture.”


Depending on where the salt marsh is located, the nature of the plants may be subtly different. Salt marsh lamb has long been appreciated in France and is growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. Places where salt marsh lamb are reared in the UK include Harlech and the Gower Peninsula in Wales, the Somerset Levels, Morecambe Bay and the Solway Firth. Cover a tray with parchment and line the bottom generously with your curing salt and spice mix. Place your meat on the bed of curing salt and cover the top of the meat with your remaining mix for equal coverage.

Once you see the change of color halfway up your meat, use a pair of tongs or a long-handled spatula to turn your meat over so it can get grill marks on both sides. Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer before serving.

Accidentally using pink salt instead of regular salt in your chicken soup, for example, could be very unfortunate. The pink dye itself does not influence the final color of the cured meat; the sodium nitrite does. If necessary, trim off any excess fat, tendons, or meat. You might buy a boneless pork shoulder, and then cut the picnic end of the pork shoulder from the pork butt, leaving you with two distinct cuts of meat.

If possible, create a second knot at the top of the cheesecloth into which you can pry your hanging hook. Combine eggs, milk, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and salt in a large mixing bowl.