Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your brows appear thicker. Ultimately, it may take a combination of a few of the methods below—here’s what you need to know if you’re on the journey to thicker, fuller brows. “The goal is natural symmetry, and using your better brow as a guide is a great strategy to achieve this,” he adds.

Whichever method you choose, use a light hand and stray away from using too much product. It’s always easier to add color than it is to remove it. This kind of fine-tuning will help you to manage your product so that you don’t over-do it by accident. As you’re working on your brows, stand back and look at them from a distance in the mirror. This will help you see if they’re appearing visually balanced and natural. Read more about waxing here. “When you’re tweezing, you should always keep the skin tight,” says Tran. “Put your finger at the base where the root is and tweeze in the direction of the hair growth.” This helps minimize the pain and ensures you’re not damaging the hair follicle.

Vucetaj always recommends using a brow pencil or powder for filling in your brows. If you want to ensure you achieve the Golden Ratio every time, be sure to have these tools on hand. Anastasia is known as the Queen of Brows and for a good reason.

Always pluck from the bottom of your brow because if you pluck on top then that will set you up for a lifetime of stray forehead hair. Line up the straight edge with the outside of your nose and the outer edge of your eye to determine where your brow should end, and mark this spot. If plucking is too painful or it’s right before your period , dab on a numbing gel, such as Baby Orajel Teething Gel (Buy It, $6,, before you tweeze. In addition to all the steps mentioned above, the only difference you need to consider is applying wax strips after soft wax application.

Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil

Don’t go out of your eyebrow shape, you are just trying to darken it so work on darkening from the thickest part to the thinnest. Definitely work in the color at thinner spots, but not too much. Apply some gentle facial wax below your eyebrow, just coating the stray hairs you are not happy with.

Use Anastasia’s patented Golden Ratio® Method to achieve your perfect brow shape. On the other hand, if you have a square jaw, a thick, heavy brow can balance the top half of your face by making it match the bottom. If you have a diamond face shape, curved eyebrows can lessen the angularity of your face. Try for soft, angled eyebrows — they look lovely across the board.

Before you attempt to pluck or “do” your eyebrows as part of your make-up routine, wash your face. Wet a small towel in warm water and rub it gently on your eyebrows. Don’t rub too hard or you will pull out some hair follicles. Let this step-by-step tutorial guide you to the eyebrows you desire. Using sharp, slanted tweezers, remove only the hairs that fall above or below your self-made stencil. However, our clear-cut step-by-step guide on how to wax your brows is a surefire way to get you started and become more and more confident to embark on your waxing journey.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows, According to Experts

The Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain + Waterproof Pencil is the next best thing after microblading when it comes to lasting color, shape and definition for your brows. First, use the pencil side of this double-ended product to fill in gaps, then go in with the ink stain to create hair-like strokes. After mapping your brows, take a spoolie and brush the hairs up, and trim any stray hairs along the top edge of your brows using a small, curved brow scissor with a rounded tip. “Don’t pull or push too much and just trim the ends,” advises McQuarrie. On the end of my brow pencil is a little brow brush.

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Finally, to find the end of your brow, simply take the pencil, and at an angle, place it against the end of your nose and eye. If the tail end of your brow hits the place where the pencil ends, then your eyebrows are the perfect length. If your brow is too long, then tweeze some of those hairs away.

When applying, flick the product in a way that is similar to small eyebrow hairs, this makes it more natural and avoids looking stupid. Even if this is your first time doing your eyebrows, simply follow the steps in this article. If you’re nervous, ask your mom or older sister to show you how.