Polycarbonates are a selected team of thermoplastics widely Utilized in the production of nameplates due to their large mechanical power, toughness and clarity. Polycarbonate nameplates endure Severe environmental problems like higher temperature, chemical abrasions, and corrosion. Since it is usually a extremely resistant substance, Polycarbonate nameplates are well matched for severe outside and indoor environments.
Polycarbonate nameplates are primarily transparent, Use a superior refractive index and thus transmit gentle a lot better than glass.

Lexan is a registered polycarbonate made by General Electrical plastics that’s also made use of to produce nameplates, control panels, Display screen plates, colored acrylic sheet nametags and decals. Lexan nameplates are extremely resilient and inexpensive. Their superb functionality is due to a combination of functional Qualities like optical clarity, warmth resistance, dimensional security, printability, and graphic structure independence. These qualities make Lexan, a perfect substance to make improved top quality methods like reverse monitor-printed nameplates, force sensitive nameplates, and membrane switch panels. It is actually stocked in sheets and rolls in apparent movie. Lexan textured movies are usually Employed in membrane change overlays, labels, Manage panels and title plates as they provide broad versatility and creative attractiveness.