Everything’s more exciting when you’re a kid. 4am starts on Christmas morning, party bags and school trips to the seaside are all up there. And how about trips to the fair? You got candyfloss, cheap stuffed toys and a bruised head from the lack of Health and Safety precautions on the Waltzer. You wouldn’t swap it, mind – unless it was for a holiday to Disney or Universal Studios or SeaWorld or Epcot or Alton Towers or Chessington or Thorpe Park. Other than those, though…

Actually, don’t even get us started on holidays – they padel bag really were the ‘bestest’, whether you were sat in the car on your way down to Devon, or checking in at Luton ready for your flight to Zante. On that basis, what kid doesn’t love packing their own bag ready for their fortnight in the sun? Now think how much more they’d love it if the bag had their name on it. That’s exactly what you’ve got with personalised luggage, available as either a sports or travel bag.

The sports bags are a holdall style and come in pink, or navy and red. They’re made from polyester as well, so they’re easy to wipe clean if something is spilt on them. As for the travel bags, these come in the same colours as the sports bags, but have a few extra options to boot. First of all, because they’re a mini travel case, there are wheels on the bottom and a locking telescopic handle. Then there are the designs you can choose for the front, which include a skateboarder, robot, monkey, flowers and butterflies, princess logo or, if you’d rather, just a name.

Other personalised children’s bags come in the form of rucksacks and personalised lunch bags. Once again, they’re both available in pink or navy and red, and come with the same design options as the travel kids’ bag. The kids’ lunch bag also features an insulated, thermal lining, so it’ll keep their sarnies nice and fresh ’til lunch.

So there you have it, whether you’re packing them up for a day at school, shipping them off with a PE kit in tow, or heading away for your summer break, there are personalised bags for boys and girls alike. Hop online and you’ll also find a massive selection of other personalised gifts for kids, ranging from teddy bears and story books, to posters, calendars and stationary sets.