Dry ice shipments are ideal when combined with high-performance enclosed pallet boxes like the Thermal box. Cold packs and dry ice are commonly used to maintain temperature during transit. There are also online butchers for more convenient and well-known options, which will offer a lower price than competitors. Most of them will send their products frozen, and to be delivered frozen on your door, they need a specific box.

A Guide to Shipping Meat

Carnivore Club was the first meat delivery service that offered premium cured meats. This meat delivery service highly respects regenerative farming, rotational grazing, and the ethical treatment of animals . ButcherBox’s meat selection review gives you the option of selecting from 4 curated boxes or creating your custom box full of high-quality products for your meat subscription orders. As you click through a meat delivery service’s website, check the a la carte pricing along with pre-packaged pricing. If you’re only after a specific cut or style, doing so could save you money. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want antibiotics in your food, but thankfully, due to current government regulations, it’s not much of a concern.

Whatever food you sell and ship, the food must get to the intended recipient in good condition while also being fresh and free of any potential contamination. Having your food show up in poor condition will undoubtedly cost your company customers and revenue. When it comes to keeping your shipments cold, it is important to package your products using the right meat packaging supplies. We recommend using insulated box liners, which provide numerous advantages over other forms of temperature-control packaging, such as molded coolers. Check out our top picks for meat delivery services here if you’re looking for an alternative to Kansas City Steaks.

Organic poultry also provides more valuable nutrition from an increase in omega-3 fatty acids than commercial chicken and turkey you buy at the supermarkets. Shipping available; pick-up at the farm store; local delivery is offered for $15 within 15 miles of the farm. Finally, the service packages foods to prevent damage or spoiling, so they come with quite a bit of packaging material. After entering your address, the website will display whether same-day delivery is available and provide a list of available items based on your location. Mary Balandiat is the Founder and Creative Director ofBeauty Cooks Kisses.

Pick up at the farm, or order delivery to a number of locations throughout Chester, Montgomery and Delaware counties. Dairy, cheese, fermented foods, prepared foods, pizza kits and gluten-free baked goods also available. Eggs, dairy, raw honey and green cleaning products also available.

Key Steps to Shipping Meat

One hundred percent grass-fed meat pasture-raised and processed by their own team of butchers. In general, the idea is to farm without stripping the ground of nutrients. This involves using safer, gentler pesticides and fertilizers alongside science-based monitoring techniques. This way, you can track the health of the soil you farm on and adjust as necessary. Other examples include crop diversification, biodiversity, reduced tillage, and cover crop protection.

If you’ve ventured out to a supermarket since the COVID-19 crisis hit Pennsylvania, you may have noticed that they’re often a bit of a mess. Depending on what time of day you shop, entire shelves are often empty, and many items never seem to be in stock. One of the sections of the market that often seems to be depleted is the meat department , especially common items like ground beef, chicken breasts, bacon and sausages. Some are available nationwide, while others are regional. If you want to be able to enjoy grass fed, non antibiotic, free range organic meat then you already know you’ll have to pay a bit extra for the perk. But HOW much extra depends on where you get it from and the quality of the meat.

The boxes also come in various thicknesses, allowing you to select depending on your individual needs for each delivery. The thicker the box, the more insulated it will be, which means you won’t require as many ice packs and as much dry ice. There are several things to which you should pay attention before choosing the best meat delivery service for your needs.

What Is Dry-Aged Beef?

Read more about butcher box here. Yes, meat can be mailed in the United States if it meets US Department of Agriculture requirements . Incorporate the insulated container within the corrugated box. Here are the steps you can follow to ship meat correctly. We’re a news, analysis, and opinion platform for everything related to the carnivore diet and lifestyle.

Here’s a list of our top picks, if you want to check them out. They don’t have as huge of a selection as Omaha Steaks but I’ve found the quality and taste of their meats, sides, and meals to be absolutely delicious. When choosing the best meat delivery service, take into consideration the product category, brand, price, and order procedure. Whether you prefer organic or game meats, only bison or lobster, or the best meat boxes, you can find the best meat delivery service for you.